Tom Lüthi starts 2021 with the Spanish Moto2 SAG Racing Team

For Tom Lüthi, the 2021 season means a team change: he will next year start with the Spanish Moto2 "stop and go" racing team.

Whilst Moto2 has just started into the second half of the 2020 season, the plans for 2021 are already being negotiated and finalized behind the scenes. For Tom Lüthi, these negotiations imply a change of team at the end of the season: he will start next year with the Spanish Moto2 "stop and go" racing team in the intermediate Grand Prix category. The team change means a new basis for Tom Lüthi to be able to compete again at the top of the Moto2 World Championship in 2021 with the Stop and Go Racing Team - not only Tom Lüthi and manager Daniel M. Epp are looking forward to this, but so are team owner Eduardo Perales and his team:

Tom Lüthi

«I am very happy that we have signed the contract with the Stop and Go Racing Team - many thanks to everyone involved for making this possible. The team around the owner Eduardo Perales is small and very familiar, which gives me a good feeling and gives a good basis for a trustful cooperation. On the technical side - I will also be riding a Kalex with the SAG team - remains fairly the same, which is a very positive factor as well. However, despite all the joy of being well-positioned for next year, I am now looking forward to concentrating on my job again. There are still a few races ahead of us before we start the first tests with the SAG team in late November.»

Edu Perales - Teamchef

«We are very happy to welcome Tom to our team for next season. We think he is a really good fit for our team as he is a very competitive rider and the goal for next season is to fight for the Moto2 World Championship tittle with him.»

Daniel M. Epp, Manager von Tom Lüthi

«We are very happy that the cooperation with the Stop and Go Racing Team could be realized. The team is kept very small, the distances are short and we felt very comfortable right from the first conversations. The short ways will help us in the future to find the right ways and tools to create a environment in which we can keep fighting at the top of Moto2. We aim to build a successful cooperation on a mid-term basis. The motivation for this is also strongly felt on the team side and the preparations for 2021 are already underway behind the scenes, while we are of course primarily focusing on continuing the current season as successfully as possible.»


Offizielle Pressemitteilung des ONEXOX TKKR SAG TEAMs

The Swiss rider and the ONEXOX TKKR SAG TEAM join forces to fight for the Moto2 World Championship tittle in 2021. The former 125cc World Champion will ride the Kalex of the team with the goal of conquering the tittle next season. Lüthi has been one of the most competitive riders of the intermediate class finishing P3 in the Moto2 World Championship standings of 2019 claiming eight podiums, including a victory in America. Thomas Lüthi has achieved a total of 17 victories in his professional career in the World Championship.
The ONEXOX TKKR SAG TEAM, ready for its home GP this weekend, welcomes Thomas Lüthi to the team and it is ready for the 2021 battle for the Moto2 tittle.

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