Educational weekend for Tom Lüthi in Mugello

Despite much confidence before the Italian GP, Tom Lüthi is still waiting for his first points at MotoGP World Championship. The Swiss Rider crashes in the second lap while trying to overtake Xavier Simeon.

After the two crashes on Friday, Tom Lüthi was able to regain confidence in his bike on Saturday and significantly improve his personal best time. The result of intensive work during the second training day was the 19th position on the grid and a lot of confidence for today's race.

After Lüthi lost one position in the first laps and had to find his rhythm, he then wanted to overtake 19th-placed Xavier Simeon at the beginning of lap two. This became his fate: the Belgian Simeon made a mistake and came too close to Lüthi that the two even touched each other briefly. Tom Lüthi had to swerve and the front wheel slipped away. After less than two laps, the race was already over for the Swiss Rider. Despite the unpleasant result, Lüthi can take a lot with him from this weekend in order to continue to improve steadily.


Tom Lüthi: (DNF)

This weekend was very difficult for me in many ways. I already fell during the free practice sessions and briefly lost confidence in the bike. When I wanted to overtake Xavier Simeon in the race, i lost my front wheel and crashed again. I'm really sorry for the whole team who worked really hard and supported me so well all this weekend, although there were definitely no easy conditions here in Mugello.

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