ItalianGP: row 10 on the grid for Tom Lüthi

Tom Lüthi has to go through Q1 at the Italian Grand Prix, where he qualifies for 28th on the grid.

Tom Lüthi and the SAG Racing Team enter the Italian GP at the Mugello circuit less than a week after the tests in Barcelona. On the first day of practice, the Swiss rider was already able to make some steps in a positive direction. In a crash on Friday, Tom fortunately did not injure himself and could start confidently into the qualifying Saturday. However, there were no big improvements in the third free practice session on Saturday morning and even not in the qualifying session in the afternoon - Tom Lüthi has to settle for 28th place on the grid for Sunday's race.

Today was overshadowed by the heavy crash of the Swiss youngster Jason Dupasquier. Tom Lüthi and the SAG Racing Team are with Jason wish him and his family much strength. 

Tom Lüthi (P28 | 1'53.130)

It’s been a tough day for sure with Jason’s accident. There’s quite a lot in my head at the moment. This is a difficult situation but I have to keep on moving. My day was difficult, the result and the speed didn’t come. We will have a new day tomorrow. I have a good team behind me. We all keep on working hard and I’m pretty sure we will get out of this. I know we will do it. I will stay strong and keep thinking positive and believing on it. This is what I will try tomorrow. I will try to rest tonight, switch off and be fresh."


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